Living the dream shouldn't feel like a nightmare.

I guide terrific-yet-tired entrepreneurs through the next phase of their small businesses.

Without the marketing spin, that means I work with clients to: get laser-focused on their growth goals, pinpoint and fill holes in their marketing, branding, community building, and revenue-and-content diversification efforts, and to identify and learn to leverage the needs and triggers of their audiences.

I am your strategist, your cheerleader, your sounding board, your secret weapon - and I specialize in earning trust and blowing minds.

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No, you are not allergic to sales.

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About Me:

For almost a decade, I've harnessed my Hulk-like disdain for hard-sales, tacky self-promotion, and overly competitive douche-braggery as inspiration to help people find better ways to grow their small bizzes.  I've guided hundreds of people toward making deeper connections, lasting impressions, and friendlier, more lucrative products.

In my spare time, I churn out Amazon best-sellers with my friends, sing backup in a folk/pop band, alphabetize my vast collection of musicals on vinyl, and take far too many pictures of my dog (Ziggy Starpug) and one-eyed cat (Daddy Warbucks). I would like to apologize to my other cat, Tifa, for being unintentionally left out of the previous version of this bio.

About My Clients:

I've been shepherding startups, side-hustles, and other acts of entrepreneurial gumption since 2010.

In that time, I've guided app creators, authors, boutique owners, personal trainers, teachers, technologists, sales teams, home organizers, fashion designers, stylists, coaches, hardware engineers, non-profit founders, speakers, romance novelists, teachers, real estate agents, theater companies, and so many more. 

Entrepreneurial struggle is universal (even though nobody talks about it)! 


Let me help you find what you're looking for...

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Stuck? Allergic to sales? Ready for the next level? I can help. Our first conversation is entirely free. If I'm not the strategist for you, I'll point you to who is. Pinky promise. 

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Sales for Empaths

Sales can be an act of service, but hiding your gifts from the people who need you never will be. Learn how to sell with ease and within integrity by harnessing the power of your compassion and people skills!

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Let's chat! Here's what to expect:

Many people will promise you many, MANY things when trying to get your money. Here's two things I can swear on my grandmother by:

1. I am not a gimmick/hard-sell/fear marketing gal. Never have been. Never will be. I call these initial meetings "getting to know you" calls because that's exactly the vibe I bring to it. We'll discuss you, your needs, your goals, and your next steps – often giving you so much to chew on, you don't need to hire me right away – or ever. That's just how I roll.

2. I know what it's like to run a successful-one-day-gasping-for-air-next day business. I've done exhaustive research about price points and pain points, and have designed all my products and services with you in mind. It is my absolute tip-top goal to help you discover which of my offerings is right for your needs, budget, and how to love to learn. I am to sell you that and only that. Cross my heart. 


Don't take my word for it!

Here's what my clients have to say...

Need a little extra nudge?

Here's Annie P. on whether or not sales is a form of manipulation, if you should even care, and a feel good work-around or 2!

Prefer typing to talking?

Although I always prefer to meet people in real life (Hey, Chicagoland!) or virtual real life (via video chat), you're always welcome to fill out the form below. It knows how to reach me.


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